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We are dedicated to putting maximum effort in our smart work, to help provide the best possible risk-free digital investment experience for our members around the globe.

Snottrades limited is a cryptocurrency based digital investment platform. Our highly skilled traders utilize evolutionary algorithms to trade stock, forex, and the cryptocurrency market in general. Additionally, we have investments in multiple businesses such as oil and gas, real estates and fast rising tech companies. We thereby increment our members portfolio with the help of our innovative investment plans, specially designed for everyone.

  • Safe and secured
  • Fast and active Customer support service
  • Professional management team
  • Blockchain technology
Our company

Snottrades limited is an Australian based digital company trusted worldwide. The company with love, created an excellent risk-free digital investment platform to help generate new wealth for its members around the globe.

Our Mission

We are taking digital business to another level, making it easier for everyone to take part and profit on the fast rising digital world economy through the action of making a practical and effective use of cryptocurrencies.

We Love

We believe in and love a world where everyone is financially secure. For this reason, we introduced the blockchain technology for a more transparent banking system, faster processing of transactions and reduced processing costs.

Why choose Snottrades

With top notch services provided by our team of seasoned professional traders, investors and business men with years of experience in technology and business, we ensure our members safe investments and returns on investment once their investments' duration is due. Snottrades is trusted by thousands of happy members earning handsomely and consistently on the platform worldwide.


What makes us different?

Snottrades is a risk-free digital investment platform that transact using the recent blockchain technology to enable transparent and fast transactions, and to also harness the best business experience and relationship between our members and employees.

Top Customer Service

We have a very dedicated customer support service available 247 to attend to your varying needs.

Professional Team

Our team is made up of professional traders, investors and business associates with years of experience in digital business and also technologically savvy, with providing the best service our topmost priority.

High Dedication

Snottrades limited put its members satisfaction topmost of their company goals. We are dedicated to bringing you the best of the digital investment experience.

Investment Procedures


Create Your Account

Click on the register button, register and verify your account. Your profile on the platform is your way of identifying as a member of Snottrades Limited.


Fund Your Wallet

This will be your deposit power. This will also represent your investment capital and its yield when due.


Make Deposit

Choose any of our innovative plans that you find suitable, then follow the instructions to make your deposit. This decides what your capital will yield when due.


Make Withdrawals

Withdrawal requests are instantly processed. We offer a fast transactional service upon request.

We're Good At

Our Services


On the 5th of June 2015, a group of entrepreneurs and professionals came together with the same interest, to create a blockchain platform that will help its members all over the world create extra wealth through the utilization of cryptocurrency.

Visual Trading Display

Our team of professional traders make use of Artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically and effectively handle buying or selling to ensure everyday profits.


Snottrades limited gives you access to profit from trading cryptocurrency as well as oil, real estates and tech. Profits are also made on the daily trading of forex and stocks even in a bear market. Rest assured, you can make money around the clock, even while you sleep.

Introducing Cryptocurrency

The blockchain technology is revolutionizing the supply chain, government, retail and financial services. Due to this freedom, we introduced cryptocurrency as our major currency for easy and fast transactions.


Greater trust leads greater efficiency by eliminating duplication of efforts. With the help of our SSL certificates, we ensure that all data shared between our team and members are secure and private.

Customer Support

Our customer support services are available 247 to act with integrity, hence tending to your varying needs.

Our Innovative Plans

Choose any plan that suits you financially.

Silver plan

110 % ROI

  • 100% capital insurance
  • Fast payout
  • We offer Equity guarantee
  • profits after 10 days
  • 50.00 USD minimum

Gold plan

130 % ROI

  • 100% capital insurance
  • Fast payout
  • We offer Equity guarantee
  • profits after 20 days
  • 20,000.00 USD minimum

Platinum plan

140 % ROI

  • 100% capital insurance
  • Fast payout
  • We offer Equity guarantee
  • profits after 40 days
  • 50,000.00 USD minimum
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We love your ambition, courage, determination and vision to make a difference. We are behind you!

The Snottrades team works tirelessly to ensure the maximization of our members' portfolios, which is our main goal. With the help of our highly skilled team, user-friendly interface, high end security network and 247 available customer support services, we are dedicated to providing you the best possible risk-free digital investment experience. At Snottrades, the world is yours.